Creating Balance Through Your Goals

The goal-setting workbook set out to help you create the life you want to live. Finding Balance BlogThe Book

The Purpose of Finding Balance

Find peace in the age of anxiety by caring for the things that are important in your life, not just the ones that provide immediate gratification. No one tells stories of how many promotions they have had or how much weight they lost when they are reminiscing on the beauty of life.

Become your best self by making the effort to address all areas of your life that need attention.

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What people have to say...


“After finishing my football career, I had a difficult time adjusting to a sedentary lifestyle of a 9-5 job and going out on the weekends. Finding Balance helped me create a more sustainable way of life and allowed me to put a focus on developing myself.”

What people have to say...

“It is really easy to get sucked in to the routine of daily life, and I was victim to this as many others have been. Finding Balance helped me get back on track and achieve goals I have been trying to accomplish since college.”

What people have to say...


“In the real estate industry, you always need to be ‘on’, which oftentimes makes it hard to take time to focus on the things in life that are so fruitful like family and relationships. Finding Balance helped me appropriate time to those in my life that will always be there for me.”

Connecting all areas of life

Learn to develop habits and set goals in the areas of
your life to provide the most meaning.

Life Purpose

Creating and setting goals to help you on your journey to explore your purpose on this earth. This can be religion, spirituality, or whatever you deem as your life calling!


Set goals for yourself for your own health and wellbeing. These can be diet goals, excercise goals or even goals that revolve around sleeping better, relieving your stress or starting new supplements.

Personal Growth

The area of life in which you spend time developing yourself. Reading, meditating, learning a new language or intrument are all examples of personal growth. You can chose whatever as long as you develop yourself!


For a lot of us, when we are busy, our connections to our family fall back. Use this book to consituently set goals to make sure you are spending the appropriate amount of time with your loved ones.


Friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, spouses and anyting that falls in to your social situation will be address under relationships. Spend time reflecting on what the most fruitful parts of your relationships are.


Whether its making more money, finding a new job or  starting your own business, we all can agree that the most successful people are always setting benchmarks for themselves in their career.


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