Life can become a clusterfuck real quick.

50 hours of work, 50 hours of sleep, 10 hours of being lazy, 5 hours of gym time, and 14 hours of eating later, you just have enough time to catch up with friends, go on that date you have been trying to plan, or do something to move the needle along in your personal growth. Throw some nights of boozing in to the mix, and you’re totally screwed.

Unless you are cognizant of how you are managing your reality, the chances are at some point you’re circuits are going to short. This is what leads to breakdowns, break-ups, freakouts or losing touch with the rest of the world.

Now throw having children in to the mix, and then you’re really fucked.

My biggest fear in life is that I will wake up at 50 wondering how the hell I got to that point, and where time went. That is what drives me to continuously develop myself, take risks, and enjoy the moment for what it is worth. No one on their deathbed wished they spent more time working late hours or caring for petty issues in their life.

We all have one life on this Earth, and unless you are very careful, it will sneak right past you. Do what you have to do on the day to day to ensure you are enabling yourself to live your greatest life possible, and most important, have some fun.

Check out the link to Sam Harris discussing Why It Is Always Now.

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