What are these successful leaders doing on a regular basis that they owe their success to? Continue reading to find out more and what steps you can start taking today to get your life on the right track…


Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, states that an effective person should always begin with the end in mind, that they should always have a vision of who they would like to become. This can be accomplished by setting big-picture goals for yourself. Not just setting goals in your head, however, but actually writing down the goals to crystalize them in the universe and making them tangible to you and those around you.

Phelps, Carey, Ferriss and many more have done this religiously to take them to where they are today.


My journey began when I was 23 years old, fresh out of college working at Oracle Corporation. Life on paper was great; I had a secure and decent paying job, all the health benefits a guy could ask for, all my friends living in the same city, and I was an ultimate weekend warrior. My perception of life, however, needed a jumpstart. I kept asking myself:

“Am I supposed to work all day, watch TV at night and just carry through the week praying for the weekend to come so I can binge drink for two days and repeat it again the next week?”

The answer is no!

I began taking actions to improve my life, from my relationships and work to my own personal development. The core foundation of these changes came from setting up a vision of who I wanted to become, and creating goals to help me achieve them.

To manage these goals, I created Finding Balance – the no-bullshit approach to setting goals. Finding Balance cuts straight to the point by asking two simple questions:

  1. Who do you want to become?
  2. What goals will you set to get there?

Life is a balancing act, and in order to be successful beyond a single function of your existence (financial, social, health), you must focus on all functions of your life at the same time. Sounds hectic, right?

Finding Balance focuses on six functions of life, otherwise known as The Core 6. In no particular order, they are:


*Note that financials are not on this list. If you live in the modern world, this will always be on your mind, so why give it the time of day!

To be running on all cylinders and feeling fulfilled and happy in life, all six of these functions need to be addressed on a regular basis.

Wait, but why?

We have all been there before, the feeling of ‘WTF is happening in my life’. Can you relate to some of the following?

  • Feeling like you know you need to take action, but your head is spinning in circles and you have no clue where to begin
  • Spending 70% of your post-rent income on tequila shots and pitchers, kicking yourself the day after when you see your bank account drained of money
  • No ‘time’ to go on a date or meet up with a friend because you are too tired after work and all you want to do is Netflix in your bed
  • Seeing people your age doing really epic things in life, and wondering to yourself what you are doing with your life
  • Telling everyone you know you need to meditate, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet
  • Acknowledging that you know you need to be cooking more and going to the gym, but you are just too busy with work dinners and birthday parties

The list goes on and on and on…

There will always be temptation in your life to take the easy way out. But then you will always be stuck in the same psyche as before, going through the motions just to make it until you go on vacation or get your holiday bonus. Don’t wake up when you 50, wondering where your life went the past 25 years.

Don’t wait until you have a life-altering event to start addressing the areas of your life that need improvement, the time to start taking control of your situation is now.

My goal is to help everyone realize there is another way, that you have the ability to live a balanced life in the modern world, and to create a life truly worth living.

Give it a shot, check out the workbook Finding Balance and start defining the person you want to become.

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