The Finding Balance workbook launched in November ’16, just in time for all those seeking balance to use the workbook for their New Years Resolutions. It has been three months since 2017 began, so it is time to do a check in, reflect on the past and look forward to what lie ahead.

In this post, we have a balancer who has made tremendous strides in her goals so far this year. If you or anyone you know wants to be in the spotlight for their goals, please reach out and we can feature you in next months!

Shannon, 25, San Francisco

How does she describe herself?
I’m your typical young professional living and working in San Francisco, who’s trying to both balance and break the day-to-day routines that come with busy city life. I am someone who is consistently growing herself and who takes the time to continue learning, whether it be on the job, about myself, or about the people around me.

Why did she start using Finding Balance?

Before starting this book, I often found myself putting all of my energy and focus into a single area of my life at a given time (e.g. career, a relationship), and feeling completely out of equilibrium in all others. I started using Finding Balance to shift my attention towards areas that were lacking in my life and to help keep myself accountable by writing my goals down and reflecting on a consistent basis.

What are some goals she set for herself in Finding Balance?

  • travel to two new countries
  • read one book per month
  • start a mindfulness practice
  • call one family member a week
  • volunteer 2x / month

How did she implement Finding Balance into her life?

I keep Finding Balance on my nightstand as a constant reminder of my intentions towards my goal-setting practice. When I complete a goal, whether it’s on the 1st or 31st of the month, I write it down immediately rather than waiting until the very end of the month. This increases my motivation to work towards those goals I still have yet to achieve. Also, each month I snap a picture of the goals I’ve set and favorite them in my iPhoto, so if I’m on the go and need a balance check I can look at my goals in my phone when I don’t have my Finding Balance workbook with me.

How has Finding Balance helped her?

Finding Balance has helped me shift my mindset to a much more wholesome perspective. It has helped me re-evaluate what’s most important to me in all areas of my life and helped me focus solely on the things that will better myself and those around me.

What is one thing she has learned in the past three months about herself and setting goals in life?

Setting goals in all areas of life has really helped me gain a new sense of self-awareness towards what I value most. I used to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself, often times based on a picture of what I thought my life should look like at my age (rather than what I wanted it to be), and this would lead me to make decisions that directly conflicted with my personal values. In the last three months I’ve learned to take the time to listen to myself and start creating the life I want on my own terms.

If you want to showcase your use of Finding Balance and your goal-setting so far in 2017, please comment below or reach out to to set up some time to discuss more!


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