The Finding Balance workbook launched in November ’16, just in time for all those seeking balance to use the workbook for their New Years Resolutions. It has been three months since 2017 began, so it is time to do a check in, reflect on the past and look forward to what lie ahead.

In this post, we have a balancer who has made tremendous strides in her goals so far this year. If you or anyone you know wants to be in the spotlight for their goals, please reach out and we can feature you in next months!

Amy, 26, San Francisco

How does she describe herself?

A 26 year-old female professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves hanging with her friends, going out, and spending time with her family.

Why did she start using Finding Balance?

She bought Finding Balance and began using the workbook to help combat some of the anxieties she had about balancing her career, family time, a social life, friendships, relationships, and hobbies.

What are some goals she set for herself in Finding Balance?

  • To begin practicing yoga and master new positions each quarter
  • To read nightly before bed instead of watching TV
  • To spend more solo time with her niece and nephew
  • To see her parents once a week
  • To reach out to old friends.

How is she tracking on her goals?

Very well 🙂

How successful has she been so far?

In 2017, she has been practicing yoga regularly and has already mastered one position and has began to feel more grounded, flexible and healthy. She also has been reading nightly and has finished 2 books, and has found that it has helped her fall asleep better.

How has Finding Balance helped her?

Finding Balance has helped her stay more accountable and committed to her goals. She feels much better about herself after accomplishing goals and reflecting on all that she has done. The process of writing down the goals has helped her feel like she is doing something with her life that she can measure instead of just letting time pass by.

What is one thing she has learned in the past three months about herself and setting goals in life?

It is easier than you think! She now knows that something small goes a long way!

If you want to showcase your use of Finding Balance and your goal-setting so far in 2017, please comment below or reach out to to set up some time to discuss more!


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