To provide our readers (you!) with the most up-to-date and relevant content possible, we have started a monthly Q&A session with thought leaders and industry professionals in field of work meaningful to your search of balance. While they may be catered towards specific topics, you will always walk about some morsels of information on how to improve your state of well-being.

This month’s Q&A session included Jonathan Schnablegger, founder Life of Longevity. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), a Bulletproof Coach-in-training and an aspiring nutritional therapist.  I highly suggest following LoL’s Instagram and Facebook as well, there are some exciting things coming this year!

Here is the conversation:

Joe: Jonathan, it is national nutrition month, what does that mean to you?

Jonathan: In my mind, every month should be national nutritional month! But in all seriousness, to me this month highlights the importance that diet and nutrition have on living a long and healthy life. It should be a reminder that we are in control of our nutrition, health and happiness.

Joe: Couldn’t agree more. Why did you become so interested in health?

Jonathan: My passion for health stems from a young age of playing organized sports, enjoying extreme sports and many outdoors activities. Years later this translated into a mindset heavily focused on nutrition and fitness. My passion for nutrition was a byproduct of a few unfortunate health related circumstances in my family. My mother, for many years, was troubled with a heart condition and I witnessed this take a toll on her health and happiness, and ultimately my own. I also saw friends and family members have aspects of their life inhibited due to poor health. I promised myself to do my best to never let poor health negatively impact my life and those around me.

Joe: Wow, I can imagine that toll that took on you and your family and what a wakeup call for you very early on. So, fast forward to 2017, you are the founder of Life of Longevity. In your mind, what is Life of Longevity?

Jonathan: In essence, Life of Longevity is a way of life. Over the course of the past year, this lifestyle has led me to develop Life of Longevity into a wellness brand and blog driven by my passion for health, happiness and the desire to live a vibrant life. Its focus is to enhance the quality of life through a holistic approach involving nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, personal development and overall wellness.

Joe: Totally get that, pretty similar approach have to Finding Balance – a way of life. Why do you believe longevity is the key?

Jonathan: We’ve all heard it before, life is the greatest gift one could receive. I certainly believe this to be true. Therefore could be more important than extending our time here as much as possible? However, this brings me back to the desire to live a vibrant life. Who wants to live to be 100 if the last 20 years are plagued with disease, pain and suffering? The goal is to be happy and healthy until your last breath. That’s what it means to thrive!

Joe: Ah yes, thrive. You always mention thriving in your blog, what does that entail for you?

Jonathan: Thriving, in my mind, means to continuously develop and improve all aspects of life, whether that be health, relationships, career, school, or any other area of your life. Many people go through life just “living.” They go through the motions of getting up, working, and going to sleep. However, there’s no desire to enhance their quality of life, to challenge themselves, to progress in any way. Thriving is not that, it is as the quote goes, “taking life by the horns,’ but in all aspects of life. Finding Balance, and what it stands for, is very essential to thriving. They really go hand-in-hand. If one aspect of your life is prospering while another is lacking then you are not thriving.

Joe: Couldn’t agree more, and that is why Finding Balance and Life of Longevity have a long future together. We need to find balance to thrive!

Jonathan: Yes! Looking forward to many collaborations in the future!

Joe: Regarding nutrition, which I know is top of mind for you often: a lot of people always say “I’m too busy to eat healthy or workout, or are putting it off until something” – what is the issue with that? How do you combat this?

Jonathan: If you’re too busy for your own health and quality of life, then there is a larger issue at hand. The individual needs to find balance in their life. I know things come up, plans change and life happens. However, our ability to adapt with these changes and still create consistency in our life is key. My advice is to start small and implement a strategy or plan-to-action. Even just a 10 minute walk in the morning can drastically impact your quality of life. Everyone has 10 minutes to invest in themselves I don’t care what you do or who you are. Also, planning ahead, whether it be creating a workout plan or meal prepping, is a key to success.

Joe: You have done some awesome recipes on your Instagram, can you tell us one of your favorites?

Jonathan: Right now, I think my favorite is sweet potato pancakes. To be honest, as a kid I loved pancakes although I know now they are one of the unhealthier breakfasts. Not with sweet potato pancakes though! I incorporate intermittent fasting so these are more of a post-workout recovery treat. You can add stuff for flavoring like Ceylon cinnamon and such but the base is sweet potato, eggs and collagen protein. I usually top them with chia seeds and raw almond butter.

Joe: Damn! That sounds good. Our audience is big on morning routines. What is yours?

Jonathan: I am a firm believer in morning routines. In my opinion, having a morning routine is the most impactful thing one could implement into their day. It’s no surprise to me that some of the most successful entrepreneurs attribute having a morning routine to their success. Everyone can have their own unique routine, it’s not so much what you do, but that you do it consistently.

High level, my morning routine consists of (listed in order):

  • Large glass of water with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and mineral salts. I think this is vital for hydrating your body and jumpstarting your body after a night of sleep.
  • 10 minutes of mindfulness training/meditation with binaural beats and red light therapy
  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Roughly 30 minutes of some form of exercise, either yoga, kettle-bell training, or stretching
  • Ice cold shower
  • If my schedule permits, then I’ll either read or do some research online but I do not check email until all the prior things are done. The morning is my time to myself before I begin reacting to what life throws at me that day.

There’s some science behind why I incorporate these into my morning routine. People should check out my blog post “The Power of a Morning Routine,” if they want to learn more.

Joe: What is your favorite food/supplement for longevity?

Jonathan: I’ll give you three although I truly believe all nutrients are key for longevity as they all play a vital role in providing the entire system what it needs. My top 3 for longevity would

  1. Water (good quality water is key),
  2. Collagen
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids.

Hydrating the body with good water, providing collagen for growth and repair and omega-3’s for maintaining brain health are all essential for longevity.

Joe: What does being BALANCED mean to you?

Jonathan: To me being balanced means you are centered. All aspects of your life, goals, morals, career, relationships, you name it, are all in alignment. You have bought into what you want in life and how you can attain it. Imagine your life and health as a train. The optimal movement is for the train to be moving along one direct track with all proponents of train, engine, parts and conductor working together synergistically. The moment you are redirected onto other tracks, there isn’t enough oil, or the conductor isn’t doing their job; things become out of alignment and are not functioning optimally.

Joe: Thank you so much for spending timing discussing the keys to thriving today, Jonathan. If the community wants to learn more, where can they find you?

Jonathan: You can find me at and on my Instagram Thrive for Longevity. There are some really exciting things happening over the next few months, so please give us a follow and stay tuned!

Thank you Jonathan for the excellent Q&A session! Tune in for next month’s Balanced Session.

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