The Best Things Start
On Paper

Finding Balance is the byproduct of the Founder Joe Kremer’s effort to create a life that summed up to more than just working all week to be a weekend warrior and to repeat it again on Monday. He realized that although he was young and new to the regular stresses of ‘everyday life’, this style of living will lead down a path that leads nowhere but waking up one day wondering where time went and why you put so much effort and focus on to things that are not bettering yourself or those around you. Thus, Joe, who was at the time in a rut of his own, created a comprehensive goal-setting architecture that was modeled off of previous mentors and 75% of Amazon’s Best Selling Self-Help books.

The purpose of the GOAL-SETTING was to create a life that was balanced to keep him at peace with the noise of life, and the pressures put on him by himself. This meant prioritizing personal development and health over a social life at times, or focusing more on developing meaningful relationships with friends than dating.

After years of putting this goal-setting to practice and helping countless friends and family members, Joe realized the importance of getting this message out to everyone. That is exactly what happened as Joe moved to New York City in late 2015.

You Have To Make Your IDEAS Happen


ON THE MARKET, there are many goal setting books and life planners. What set’s Finding Balance aside from there rest was that it really cuts through the To-Do List aspect of goal setting, and really only gives you the option to think big picture about where you need to be in life. That is how Joe wants to set himself apart, as it is defined as the “No-Bullshit” approach to goals. When life becomes complicated, it is extremely important to have something to refer back to that represents who you are, what you want, and where you need to go.

The MISSION of Finding Balance is to provide everyone with the framework to define who they want to be in life on their own terms. The goal of Finding Balance is not to preach a way of life or push an agenda, but simply to provide everyone the ability to take a step back from the noise, address the areas of life that matter the most, and create a vision for themselves of their ideal life.

A Life Without A Plan
is Just a Wish

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