Finding balance in an age of anxiety

The goal-setting workbook set out to help you create the life you want to live. Finding Balance Blog

How It Works

Finding balance is a workbook that allows you to create a vision of the life you want to live and then take actions upon that vision

Step 1

Define Your Vision

Who do you want to become over the next 12 months?
Write, draw, do whatever it takes for you to define your vision.

Step 2

Map Out Your Year

Set goals for the next 12 months in the 6 categories set for you
in the workbook.


Step 3

Create your Monthly Goals

Set goals for each month that accurately reflect year goals.


Step 4

Define The Single Most Important Goal

Everyone should have their single most important goal set
planed for the month. Write it down!


Step 5


Spend time each month to reflect on What was Awesome
and What Sucked.


Step 6


Goal Setting is a continuous habit, be sure to do this every
month. There will be check-ins throughout.




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There are over 100 pages of empty space set aside for you to journal throughout your days as you wish.

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